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Barbara is a fabulous, bubbly lady. She has been a very busy housewife for many years and finds that certain activities around the house are a bit more challenging than they used to be, mainly due to pain in her right hamstring and ankle, as well as neck and shoulders.

These aches and pains have caused Barbara a lot of trouble walking around Ferry Meadows or line dancing at her weekly class.

Barbara wants to remain active and won’t let pain stop her. She realises that her health starts with lifestyle choices: she maintains her range of movement through osteopathy and exercise therapy. We have devised exercises bespoke to her individual needs so that she can function better carrying out her responsibilities around the house as well as enjoying her dancing and walking.

She follows nutritional advice and over time has lost two dress sizes.

We wanted to commend Barbara for being compliant with her exercises and constantly challenging herself: she can now hold her balance to a count of 100 for each leg!

Barbara has also been able to step up to two line dancing classes a week.

We are so proud of you, Barbara, for making it happen and doing a bit more of what you like in life. Thank you for being a wonderful patient!