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Our Purpose

To provide a diverse range of delicious snacks that cater to individuals with specific dietary requirements & for the convenience of living a normal life on the go without missing out on goodness.

Our Value Proposition

Our snacks are selected based on ingredients (more specifically absence of allergens) and tasted by our in-house Naturopath and Functional Medicine practitioner.

It’s one thing for a savoury snack to be onion and garlic-free, but if it’s not tasty, it won’t make the cut onto our agnostic portal!

We have no affiliation with the brands that we sell. You can trust us, and your gut.

We will source snack options that suit your preferences and needs, so you don’t have to!

We taste and quality test the snacks ourselves; If we don’t like it, we wont sell it.

Our qualified naturopath selects snacks that answer the need for convenience, without your feeling rubbish afterwards.