Case study at Signature Health Clinic

Aches, pains and fatigue

This is a case study about N, a lady in her 40’s who was experiencing physical aches and pains, and fatigue. Here’s how we helped.

Courage in adversity

N, a lady in her 40s, had been unwell for the best part of her life with a cluster of syndromes manifesting as physical aches and pains, and fatigue. We suspected that some of the symptoms were connected as opposed to being a number of different conditions, which was overwhelming for the patient. We referred the patient back to her GP for 6 lines of investigations, including thyroid and autoimmune disorders. We suggested tests, which the GP organised referrals for over a period of months. The test results suggested inflammation in the body. Christmas came and went before a breast cancer diagnosis was made.

N sought our support through nutritional advice, DNA and hormonal testing. We continued to treat her neck and shoulder restrictions with osteopathy and K-Laser. New abdominal pains were also alleviated with K-Laser. N made drastic dietary changes. N was keen to avoid chemotherapy and radiotherapy where possible. 18 months on, N is looking healthier and imaging shows that the tumour has decreased to a point where there are remnants of calcifications only. N finally resorted to surgery and latest check-ups show no sign of a tumour. We supported N with her choices as our therapeutic partnership was tailored to suit her needs and mindset. This is a shout out to a patient who has shown courage and resilience in the face of adversity.