Case study at Signature Health Clinic

chronic, severe digestive issues and anxiety

This is a case study about D, a lady in her 20’s who was experiencing chronic, severe digestive issues and anxiety. Here’s how we helped.

feel heard and in control

D, a lady in her 20s, suffered with chronic, severe digestive issues and anxiety. Both fuelled each other, and D was embarrassed to go out in case of “accidents”, causing social isolation and impacting on her quality of life. D had been labelled with “IBS” by allopathic medicine based on negative colonoscopy and the likes. We organised a tool test, a small intestine bacterial overgrowth test, thyroid and food intolerance testing. The results revealed serious bacterial infections, including Helicobacter Pylori, which tends to be resilient to treatment but had as yet remained untreated, and food sensitivities to address.

D felt listened to, and more in control thanks to the action plan which provided an understanding and structure for her recovery. A few months on and D feels better in herself and planning her future when a lot of life decisions had been put on hold until she felt she could function more normally. D also responded very well to osteopathic and laser treatment for anxiety, muscle tension and abdominal irritation. Of note, D showed great compliance to her treatment plan, taking all the supplements prescribed and is now pretty much symptom-free.