• Been told that there’s nothing wrong with you after having lab tests, X Ray, MRI, colonoscopy and the likes? 
  • Sent home from hospital without the investigations that you should reasonably expect to have done? Do you feel dismissed when not feeling well?  Get to the bottom of things with Functional Medicine.

As with any course of treatment that digs deep, leaves no stone unturned and aims to be thorough, compliance is key. This model of healthcare is best suited to highly-accountable individuals, who follow all the steps on their journey to health:

To be on the programme, patients commit to:

Carry out the biochemistry tests and take the supplements prescribed to them

Attend every milestone appointment in order to ensure consistency of treatment and track progress.

A commitment agreement is signed at the onset.
These sessions are not just about the face-to-face time. They also cover preparation time, results analysis, test debrief and treatment plan preparation dedicated to your individual treatment plan. Where appropriate, osteopathy and K-Laser Therapy may also be included.