Case study at Signature Health Clinic

Severe Headaches and vertigo

This is a case study about C, a lady in her 50’s who was experiencing severe headaches and vertigo. Here’s how we helped.

Investigating pain

C is a lady in her 50s with severe headaches. She had hit her head weeks prior and the pain in her head and neck was not going away. She had vertigo, which troubled her if she laid in bed. Her neck was restricted due to wear and tear. We asked her about her blood pressure and she explained that it was uncontrollably high. She had not been able to see her GP in lockdown and got exercises over the phone for her neck which she could not do due to her pain and vertigo. We checked her blood pressure, which was indeed too high, and referred her back to the GP for further investigation. The GP prescribed a higher dose of high-pressure medication over the phone without investigating the cause of the escalating blood pressure.

We treated the patient conservatively with gentle neck stretches and massage and we referred her for a private MRI scan to rule out any bleed on the brain. We also lent a blood pressure monitor to check her blood pressure at home, with advice to go to A&E should the pressure rise further. Through osteopathic treatment of gentle mobilisations, the neck pain decreased. The MRI ruled out anything sinister in the brain, which provided some peace of mind. The patient was going through very stressful events which may have contributed to the increased blood pressure. By decreasing her pain and reassure her, we were able to improve her wellbeing overall.