Case study at Signature Health Clinic

right shoulder pain

This is a case study about K, a lady in her 30’s who was experiencing right-sided shoulder pain. Here’s how we helped.

Managing Flare-ups

K, a lady in her 30s, came in complaining of right shoulder pain. As the pain came and went by the time she could get a GP appointment, she had often been told that there was nothing wrong with her. She felt dismissed and felt that she had to show me her shoulder when at her worst in case I would not find what the problem was otherwise. She could hardly move her arm during this latest flare-up. We explained to K that she should not be concerned about not being believed as her medical history, and the examination, gave us clues as to what the underlying cause of her pain was, whether or not she was going through a flare-up. 

Examination and treatment

Based on my examination, we suspected a couple of underlying issues, such as thoracic outlet syndrome or a small rib protruding from the right side of her neck, whereas ribs are typically found from the top of the back down to the bottom of the rib cage. We recommended an X-Ray. It turned out that K had an additional rib in her neck ! Although the extra rib is not going to go away, knowing the root cause of pain helps in the management of the flare-ups, and also ruled out anything sinister. After a few treatments, K was able to move her arm and only felt some mild discomfort during the wall push-ups we did together. Now she knows how to manage flare-ups and also had the reassurance to know what was going on with her.