What does osteopathy treat?

Osteopaths are trained in therapeutic approaches that are suitable for a broad range of individuals, including pregnant women, children and babies. Conditions that would benefit from osteopathy include:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscular trigger points
  • Pregnancy pain
  • Movement restrictions
  • Balance issues

45-minute consultations/treatments: £75
90-minute in-depth consultations/treatments: £100

healing hands

Osteopathy treats all joints and muscle dysfunction in the body, from your head attached to your neck down to elbow, knees, ankles, fingers and feet. Highly-qualified practitioners with a medical sciences degree, Osteopaths have specialist knowledge of anatomy and musculoskeletal conditions. Osteopaths are recognised Allied Health professionals by NHS England (as are paramedics, podiatrists, physiotherapists and more).

Osteopathy & Laser therapy

At Signature Health Clinic, most sessions combine Laser Therapy and osteopathy as Laser Therapy “turbos” the benefits of osteopathy, such as speeding up the healing of muscles and improving joint articulation and also supports our Functional Medicine approach by treating from the inside out.

The effects of laser therapy are cumulative and usually require multiple treatments. Patients may experience relief after the first treatment, but the number and frequency of sessions are instrumental in optimising your healing. In general, acute conditions require fewer visits, typically 4 to 6. However, chronic conditions may require 8, 10 or more sessions.