Case study at Signature Health Clinic

Arthritic neck and hips

This is a case study about R, a man in his 80’s who was experiencing arthritis in his neck and hips. He later opened up about several ageing concerns, including erectile dysfunction. Here’s how we helped.

Personable Yet Approachable

R, a man in his 80s, has been having regular treatment over the years for his arthritis in his neck and hips. A year ago, he badly broke his ankle, which is now pinned with various screws. R enjoyed the healing, warm light of K-Laser, which brought great improvement to various parts of his body. R opened up about various ageing concerns, such as prostate irritation and erectile dysfunction.

K-laser and erectile dysfunction

R felt comfortable asking whether K-Laser may also help with erectile dysfunction. The simple answer was that it wasn’t something that we had done before at our clinic but we had established a strong therapeutic relationship and agreed that we could give it a try.

Within our clinical, osteopathic settings, written consent had to be sought to work, even remotely, over intimate areas. Expectations were managed that the treatment would be strictly professional with no direct contact with the genital area. We used a number of K-Laser programmes over the lower abdomen, lower back and genital areas, twice a week for 6 weeks. R was very happy with the progress, including a better flow and feeling of voiding fully when urinating. He was also delighted to regain what he described as “feeling like a man” in his relationship with his wife. R was able to maintain most of the improvement, and only requires a monthly top-up of K-Laser treatment now.

R noted that feeling comfortable enough to be able to talk with us about these issues, which typically, he felt, came with a feeling of shame, helped him greatly. In R’s opinion, our professional yet personable approach was an integral part of the treatment.