Case study at Signature Health Clinic

Neck and shoulder pain

This is a case study about E, a lady in her 40’s who was experiencing neck and shoulder pain. Here’s how we helped.

Prevention over cure

E, a lady in her 40s, came in with neck and shoulder pain. This complaint improved with osteopathy and K-Laser over 3 treatments. We also addressed an underlying issue of hormonal imbalance, which could contribute to the small hump at the bottom of her neck that she was conscious of. We recommended Functional Medicine tests using urine and saliva, to get a comprehensive picture of which and where hormones were not functioning as well as could be. Based on the patient’s results, we delivered a treatment plan to balance hormones through supplementation, nutrition and exercise. Prevention is better than cure and it is paramount to improve, as was the case here, oestrogen clearance, to minimise the risks of malignant tumours in the future.