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YOGI TEA® has a collection of spice teas that are based on unique Ayurvedic tea recipes with roots in the 3,000-year-old Indian philosophy.

Each box contains 17 certified organic tea bags.

Why organic matters? Most tea bags contain nylon, plastic, or paper that upset hormonal balance and may increase the risk of cancer. Toxins add up over the years. How many teas a day are you having? Do you suffer with low mood, heavy periods or perimenopausal symptoms? Is there a history of breast cancer close to home?We are about prevention without conceding on taste. Choose organic, try YogiTea.

Some of the products include ingredients that may not suit your diet (Scroll down to see ingredient lists).


BeneBites of Wisdom:

We love the brand; the flavours change from your typical and somewhat predictable flavours. This is ideal for those who think that herbal teas are boring and yet, could really do with less coffee. A big jump for some, but the packaging keeps it interesting. Each box has a yoga pose instructions. Each tea bag has a motto, a kind of mantra for the day, which can spur self-reflection.
If you have the likes of hiatus hernia, Barrett’s Oesophagus or Crohn’s disease, it’s important to stay away from coffee.
Yes, there are coffee alternatives but sometimes it is better to make a transition to something that doesn’t really compare, than compare a coffee alternative to real coffee, as coffee lovers never fail to do.
These teas are warm and soul nourishing for those who aspire to be more into yoga and meditation.
Caution: Only one tea in the assortment of flavours that we currently offer, does not have ginger in it. It’s Bedtime.
If allium, in particular ginger, is an issue, try the others with caution. Ariana is also allium intolerant and the ginger in these particular flavours do not cause any discomfort. She can’t taste the ginger and did not feel unwell afterwards. Other flavours who have dominant ginger notes were not selected.
One tea, Green Energy, has green tea in it. While it’s a marvellous anti-oxidant, Green tea is strong. Even if taken in the morning, it may impact on your sleep (well, it does Ariana’s).
What we like about them:
The ethos – “Serve Your Spirit” is Yogi Tea’s motto
The range of unique flavours: Mental Clarity is an interesting one!
The taste: Ginger is a ubiquitous ingredient but it’s so faint that Ariana can’t detect it in the range she selected, except in Sweet Chai. This may turn out to be your favourite, if you enjoy ginger, but comes is a warning from us, if you don’t enjoy the taste of ginger.
Ginger allergy? Try “Bedtime”
If you usually have 0 Ginger tolerance, try them all, you will be pleasantly surprised (there are other flavours that Ariana can’t bear for their ginger content, so they didn’t make the cut). These are pretty safe if you exercise caution.
Difficulty sleeping or Green Tea not agreeing with you? Avoid “Green Energy”

Teas Ingredients: 

Licorice Mint: peppermint*, liquorice*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, ginger*, cloves*, black pepper*, cinnamon oil*, cardamom oil*, ginger oil*

Contains liquorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

Throat Comfort: liquorice*, fennel*, cinnamon*, orange peel*, ginger*, thyme*, mullein*, orange oil*, lemon oil*, cardamom*, black pepper*, cloves*, turmeric root*

Contains liquorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

Sweet Chai: anise*, fennel*, liquorice*, cardamom*, black pepper*, cinnamon*, ginger*, cloves*

Contains liquorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

Tulsi Relax: Tulsi*, basil*, liquorice*, ginger*, lemon grass*, orange peel*, cinnamon*, lemon peel*, orange oil*, dried lime fruit*, black pepper*, cardamom*, cloves*, tarragon*.

Mental Clarity: Peppermint*, lemon balm*, lemon grass*, spearmint*, liquorice*, rooibos*, ginger*, cinnamon*, eucalyptus*, ginseng root*, maca*, black pepper*, orange oil*, cardamom*, peppermint oil*.

Bedtime: fennel*, chamomile flowers*, peppermint*, cardamom*, lemon balm*, lemon grass*, valerian root*, sage*, lavender flowers*, nutmeg*

No Ginger

Soul Balm: Cinnamon*, liquorice*, cocoa shells*, rooibos*, roasted chicory*, hibiscus*, ginger*, anise*, honeybush*, orange peel*, carob*, natural cocoa extract*, blue mallow flowers*, fat-reduced cocoa powder*, black pepper*, orange oil*, vanilla beans*, vanilla extract*.

Green Energy: Green tea*, lemon grass*, guarana*, peppermint*, elderflower*, ginger*, natural strawberry flavour, black pepper*, dried Kombucha-drink* (fermented tea), bergamot oil*, lemon verbena*, lemon oil*, vanilla beans*, natural vanilla flavour, natural passionfruit extract.

Additional information

Weight 32.3 g

Licorice Mint, Throat Comfort, Sweet Chai, Tulsi Relax, Mental Clarity, Green Energy, Bedtime, Soul Balm


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