Rocking Chairs offers accessible physical activity to ramp up to fitness.

Chair-based exercise classes keep you fit in a sociable environment.

Everyone’s health and wellbeing would benefit from exercise, but not everyone is able to exercise on the floor, or get back up!

As a practising osteopath and naturopath, Ariana supports her patients with exercise therapy and nutrition.  Ariana knows how fear of pain if exercising can bring our motivation right down. Ariana adapts the activities to what you can do on the day.

Meet your Fitness Enabler

Ariana was formerly Clinic Director of a Wellness and Fitness centre. In her clinical practice as well as her personal experience, Ariana found that most group classes were inappropriate for her patients, and indeed herself. Ariana worked with her patients to ramping them up to fitness, or adapt fitness programmes, practising graded exercises within her treatment room, and progressing patients to one-to-one fitness sessions based on her osteopathic assessment.

Ariana graduated as a teacher with a PGCE from The London Institute of Education. She taught French in secondary schools and in corporate training environments. She qualified with a Master’s Degree in Medical Sciences from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a double Diploma in Naturopathy and Osteopathy.

Ariana’s post-graduate specialism is in Functional Medicine. She is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, where Dr Rangan Chatterjee (of BBC One “Doctor in the House”) was also a student. She also offers gait analysis for the prescribing of custom orthotics.

Ariana is expanding her ramping-up-to-fitness approach with classes in friendly surroundings. The last few years have been challenging for personal and social interactions. This, combined with the lack of exercise, has further eroded confidence or ability in (re)joining a gym.

Is Rocking Chairs for You?

If you can sit on a chair for around 45 minutes, and you don’t want to exercise standing or on a floor mat, this class is for you.

You might have tried to join fitness classes in the past. Perhaps the fitness room was upstairs with no lift. Getting down to a mat, kneeling or riding a bike was painful or you were unsure of your balance. The class pace was too fast, or the level simply felt too high for you. Your confidence nose-dived and you stopped exercise altogether.

Chair-based exercise overcomes the barriers to exercise faced by individuals with arthritis, recovering from an injury, with mobility limitations, with chronic pain, lacking in motivation, energy or anxious about ramping up to fitness.

Ariana enjoys treating and teaching individuals who are accountable for their own health, regardless of their age, gender, condition or ability. As long as there is a will, there is fun along the way.

Why Seated Exercise?

  • Enhanced mental and physical well-being
  • Improved mobility ­
  • Improved co-ordination ­
  • Improved performance of activities of daily living ­
  • Prevention or alleviation of functional limitations ­
  • Increased independence ­
  • Improved cognitive function ­
  • Decreased social isolation
  • Each course has been endorsed by Active IQ, Skills for Care and CIMSPA

Why does Physical Activity Matter?

According to the Network of Public Health Observatories, physical inactivity results in approximately 37,000 premature deaths each year in England alone.


Being active reduces the risk of hip fracture by 68%


Being active reduces the risk of Type II Diabetes by 40%


Being active reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 35%


Being active reduces the risk of Falls, Depression and Dementia by 30%


Being active reduces the risk of joint and back pain by 25%


Being active reduces the risk of cancers (colon and breast) by 20%.