Osteopath Peterborough
Signature Health are Osteopaths in Peterborough who treat a wide range of acute and complex conditions with Osteopathy, Functional Medicine and state-of-the-art Laser Therapy.
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Personalised Healthcare
Health starts from within. We partner with gold-standard private laboratories for truly personalised healthcare. Each treatment conveys our holistic and caring approach with a sophisticated edge.
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K-Laser Therapy
K-Laser is an advanced, non-invasive therapy used to reduce pain and inflammation.
K-Laser accelerates the healing of wounds, bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels.
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Our promise to you

To listen to you and focus on your personalised needs so that you can increase your quality of life. 

Our Signature Services


A gentle whole-body approach to pain. Ideal for those who suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches, pulled muscles, arthritis and sciatica.

K-Laser Therapy

A natural alternative to pain killers,
K-Laser enhances healing and works deep and fast compared to manual therapy alone.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine focuses on the root causes of dysfunction. Treatments are tailored to each individual's lab work, DNA, lifestyle and mindset.

B AliB Ali
23:24 09 Dec 21
Hi Ariana thank you so much for making me better. I wasn't expected to recover so quickly, amazing. You sure have that magic touch, the healing hands
Danica MerryDanica Merry
14:26 10 Nov 21
I have been seeing Ariana for a few months now and I'm so glad I came across her website. I explained my symptoms (digestive issues) as well as anxiety to Ariana via email and got a quick and informative response. I booked a functional medicine consultation and immediately felt reassured that my symptoms are treatable/manageable with the right testing, supplements and treatments going forward. It was one of the first times in 10years I felt listened too and not ignored unlike our health system.... Ive had test results back and had osteopathy as well as laser treatment to help me get my life back. For the first time in over a decade I'm starting to feel 'normal' and I am on the road to recovery. Ariana's treatments, support and information has helped me when nothing else has. I would highly recommend signature health for any issue as she's a miracle worker. Thank you again Arianaread more
Tanya LloydTanya Lloyd
14:24 07 Sep 21
Feeling so much relief already after my first osteo session, I am amazed and delighted, Ariana is amazing, wonderful and such a lovely person! Looking forward to booking again 🙂
Jessica LukacsJessica Lukacs
07:12 14 Aug 21
I have to write this review as I had such an amazing appointment with Ariana yesterday. I have numerous on going issues that I have everyday and also been suffering with chronic headache for 2 months alongside extreme tightness in my neck and other areas. This appointment really was the biggest relief to have someone completely understand all what I was feeling and also gave me so much knowledge around why the body functions like this. Ariana was a breathe of fresh air to talk to as her wealth... of experience and knowledge showed in the way I felt when I left. I feel instantly freer in my head and neck and all over and when someone understands what your feeling in your own body so they can help it’s a big relief. I can’t wait to see Ariana again. Thank you Ariana.read more
Heidi CHeidi C
17:51 02 Feb 21
Ariana I am so so pleased I came to see you! After 4 years of back problems and then finally constant year of pain a friend recommended so I made my first appointment not knowing what to expect. I have had 3 sessions and feel absolutely brilliant. I honestly did not know what it felt like to be pain free on my shoulder and arm but now I have nothing! Would highly recommend, Ariana certainly knows what she is doing but also the most lovely, friendly lady I have ever met.



Osteopath Peterborough

Back to Action

Is your pain stopping you from living your life? Osteopathy considers all possibilities causing your pain so you can get back to action as soon as possible. Whether your pain means being off-work, unable to move normally, or drained from every day pain, you’ve come to the right place.

"I actively listen to your health concerns, goals and fears so together we can improve your quality of life."

– Ariana Torti, Owner of Signature Health Clinic.

"I actively listen to your health concerns, goals and fears so together we can improve your quality of life."

– Ariana Torti, Owner of Signature Health.

K-Laser therapy

K-Laser Therapy Peterborough

therapeutic laser treatment

K-Laser is a painless application. Skin contact is not required. As a result, K-Laser is the go-to for patients nervous about painful manipulations or manual therapy in general or simply too sensitive to pain.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Peterborough

Take a Holistic Health approach

Do you feel dismissed when not feeling well? You deserve comprehensive care from the inside out, based on gold-standard private lab tests and nutritional support.